Brailsford and Hulland Medical Centre

The Green, Brailsford, Derbyshire, Derby DE6 3BX

Insurance Report

Requests for Insurance reports, Holiday Cancellations, DVLA requests, Fostering Medicals and Copies of Patient Notes.

When a request is received from a company dealing with any of the above, the request is passed to the appropriate GP who will either complete the form or check through the patient notes; these will then be sent to either the company or the patient.  It can take approximately 28 days to complete any request.

If a patient requires information, then a request must be made in writing to the Practice, for the attention of Linda Williams, specifying in detail the information required.  Charges for this service are as follows:

Letter – £10.00 + £2.00 (VAT) = £12.00

Form – £15.00 + £3.00 (VAT) = £18.00

Copies of Notes – £20.00 – £50.00 (depending on the size of the notes)