Statement of Purpose

Brailsford & Hulland Medical Practice

Statement of Purpose

The name and address of the registered provider is:

South Dales Healthcare Partnership

Brailsford Medical Centre

The Green





Telephone: 01335 360328

Clinical Lead: Dr Sarah-Jane Lowe (Brailsford) 

(Dr Penny Blackwell – Hannage Brook)

Practice Manager: Cheryl Shuttleworth

Operations Manager: Jo Chatburn

The practice is registered as a partnership and there are three partners within the practice:

Dr Penny Blackwell

Dr Rachael Kelsey

Dr Helen Maxwell-Jones

We have branch surgery premises at (currently closed):

Hulland Ward Medical Centre

Main Road

Hulland Ward




Telephone: 01335 370482

Both surgeries are purpose built and have on-site car parking available for patients and staff.

Under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (The Care Quality Commission (registration) Regulations 2009 Part 4), the registering body (Brailsford & Hulland Medical Practice) is required to provide to the Care Quality Commission a statement of purpose.

Our aims and objectives

  • To provide a high standard of medical care which is available to the whole population and to create a partnership between patient and healthcare professional
  • Be committed to our patients needs
  • Act with integrity and complete confidentiality
  • Be courteous, approachable and friendly
  • To recruit, retain and develop a highly motivated and appropriately skilled team who are committed to providing excellent patient care
  • To ensure effective and robust information governance systems are in place
  • Treat all patients with dignity, respect and honesty
  • Ensure safe and effective services and environment
  • Offer relevant health promotion advice and referral as appropriate, reflecting patient choice wherever practicable
  • Through monitoring and auditing continue to improve our healthcare services

Regulated Activities under CQC

The registered activities have been agreed by the partners of Brailsford & Hulland Medical Practice in accordance with CQC guidance.

The regulated activities under CQC are:

  • Routine medical checks and general medical services.
  • NHS relevant prescriptions and medications or a private prescription can be issued.
  • Vaccinations and immunisations – the practice strongly supports the childhood immunisation programme. All routine pre-school vaccinations are performed at the surgery by one of our practice nurses. We also offer all eligible patients the seasonal influenza, pneumonia and shingles vaccination from October to January every year.
  • Child Health screening – All vaccinations as specified in GMS contract
  • Foreign travel advice and immunisation – provided by our practice nurses
  • Medicals – the GP’s carry out medical reports and examinations
  • Chronic disease management – this encompasses a wide range of conditions which require long term treatment and care. Our priority is to ensure this care is on-going and appropriate and we endeavour to review patient’s medication on an annual basis. Spirometry testing is also available.
  • Family planning and contraceptive services – this is provided by the doctors and nurses. IUCDs and implants by doctors
  • Phlebotomy –We offer an in house service by our Health Care Assistant.
  • Maternity services – The community midwife holds a weekly clinic at the surgery on a Wednesday. The doctors also provide post-natal care.
  • Minor surgery – appointments available for some dermatology related concerns.
  • Dispensary – we dispense medicines to the eligible practice population.  The dispensers carry out regular DRUM assessments
  • Joint injections – appointments available for some joint related concerns.
  • Cauterisation – appointments available for some conditions
  • Ear syringing – facilities available for ear syringing.
  • Health checks – these are carried out by an HCA.
  • ECG monitoring – the surgery is able to offer ECG and 24 hour B/P monitoring.
  • Cervical screening – this service is provided by our trained nurses.
  • Hearing tests – appointments available
  • Wound care – dressings, both in surgery and home visits
  • INR monitoring –Anti-coagulation monitoring both in the practice and at home for house-bound patients
  • Minor Injuries – the surgery offers services in line with the Enhanced Service specification
  • Extended Hours Hub Provision – We provide extended hours on behalf of the contract provider, South Dales Healthcare.

Our practice ethos is to strive towards a partnership between patients and healthcare professionals based on the following:

Mutual respect

We endeavour to treat all our patients with dignity, respect and honesty. Everyone at the surgery is committed to providing excellent patient care.

Continuity of Care

Building and maintaining a strong relationship between health professionals and our patients is essential to the way we work. This is especially the case when dealing with patients who have long term conditions. In these circumstances, we encourage patients to see, wherever possible, the same health professional and we will endeavour to do this through our appointments system. However, if a patient has a new problem or the doctor or nurse that they usually see is not available, then we would encourage them to see any of the doctors or nurses at the practice.

Learning and Training

All staff within the practice have an annual appraisal where their training needs are identified. We also recognise the benefit of supported learning for patients to enhance the ability to self-manage and deal with long term conditions.

Patient Participation Group

Brailsford & Hulland Medical Practice has a Patient Participation Group. We seek to listen to the views of our patients and work with the group to discuss any changes that we wish to make, to better inform our service delivery plan.

Date: September 2022