Private Work

Private work covers a variety of topics and comes in different formats but can include letters, forms and reports and any other work the practice or GP does for a patient that is not covered by the General Medical Services Contract.

Complex private work can take us up to 8 weeks complete the request.  

There are now many private companies who will charge patients a fee to deal with a request on their behalf.  It is always worthwhile speaking to us before appointing any third party company as we can deal directly with the patient to complete the required work, saving the patient money. 

Examples of private work include Firearms Applications, Insurance reports, Holiday Cancellations, DVLA requests and Fostering medicals.   

When a request is received from a company or patient dealing with any of the above, the request is passed to the appropriate GP who will either complete the form or check through the patient notes; these will then be sent to either the company or the patient.  

If a patient requires information, then a request must be made in writing to the Practice, for the attention of Linda Williams, specifying in detail the information required.  Charges for any private work/service will apply. 

Please note this fee must be paid before you receive the letter or form.

Please contact our practice Administrator Linda (option 2) for all private work enquiries.