Additional support and advice – Long Covid

Long Covid

Whilst the “pandemic” of 2020 may have passed Covid-19 remains part of our daily lives. As time goes on, accross the world we understand more about the virus, reatment and the effects it has on us all.

Many people with coronavirus (COVID-19) will feel better in a few days or weeks. Most people will make a full recovery within 12 weeks.

However some people, both adults and children, COVID-19 can cause symptoms that will persist for weeks or months after the infection has gone.

This is now usually referred to as ‘Long COVID’.

There does not appear to be a link between the severity of symptoms when someone first gets COVID-19 and whether they will go on to experience long-term symptoms. Someone who may have mild COVID-19 symptoms at first, may still go on to experience long-term symptoms.

Your COVID Recovery is a website containing support, advice, and information. It is designed to help individuals recover from COVID-19 and manage the effects both on their body and mind effectively, reducing the impact it has on their day-to-day life.

If you think you may have long covid and/or wish to discuss your symtoms further then please contact Reception to book an appointment with a GP.

Your Covid Recovery – Supporting Recovery for Long Covid

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The practice will close at lunchtime on Wednesday 10th July for staff training. The dispensary will close at 12pm and the practice will close at 1pm. We reopen as normal on Thursday 11th. For medical assistance when we are closed the following options are available……please call NHS 111 or visit 111 online for symptom management advice. For urgent medication issues click here.