Shingles Vaccine update September 2023

There has been alot of confusion regarding recent changes to eligibility criteria for the shingles vaccine.

The new criteria state that those turning 65 AFTER 1st September 2023 will be eligible after their 65th birthday.

This does not mean those people already 65 before 1st September.


Patient 1 – turns 65 on the 1.10.23 will be eligible to have the vaccine from 1.10.23.

Patient 2 – turned 65 on the 30.8.23 will be eligible for the vaccine when they turn 70.

This is an NHS and Government directive and not down to practice policy so therefore cannot be overridden by the practice.

Please check with the Reception team or Practice nurse if you are unsure if you are eligible or not.

Please see our shingles webpage for further info and links for further reading/websites.